Koffer Lockers Budapest

Experience the convenience of self-service storage with Lockers Budapest. Book online, effortlessly drop off your bags and make the most of your visit to our wonderful city. Your journey starts here!


Drop off

Upon arrival at our drop-off point, locate the designated self-service storage area. Simply follow the provided instructions to deposit your bags safely and securely. Our automated system ensures a seamless drop-off experience without the need for staff assistance.

When dropping off luggage:

  1. Press the „Rent a locker” button.
  2. Select a time.
  3. Select the size
    • S – depth 55 cm, height 45 cm
    • M – depth 55 cm, height 60 cm
    • L – depth 55 cm, height 90 cm
  4. Create a pin code.
  5. Confirm the pin code.
  6. Read the information on the page, display the pin code (click on the eye next to it), and take a photo of the pin code.
  7. Press the “Proceed to Payment” button.
  8. Make the payment using the card terminal below.

After that, the door opens, and you can put your bag inside and close the door.



With your belongings securely stored, you are free to explore and enjoy your time in Budapest without the burden of carrying heavy bags. Take in the sights, visit attractions or immerse yourself in local experiences. We’ve streamlined the process so that you can maximize enjoyment.


Pick up

When picking up your luggage:

  1. Log in with your pin
  2. Enter the pin code.
  3. Enter the locker number where you stored your bag.
  4. If there is a balance payment, the door will not open, and the terminal will ask you to pay.

After that, the door opens, and you can take out your luggage.

Remember to close the door!

Thank you!

Book online (optional)

Start by reserving your storage space online through our user-friendly booking system. Simply select the desired date and duration of storage and secure your spot with a few easy clicks. No more wasting time searching for storage options – we’ve got you covered.

+36 70 317 0062
1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály utca 3.
Opening hours
24 hours a day

Reserve a locker now

Safely leave you luggage with us while you enjoy your stay!

1 EUR / hour / storage

maximum 8 EUR for a day 

Call us for a fixed price transfer from the airport directly to your apartment or vice versa. English speaking and professional drivers

What people say about us



Based on 304 reviews

Very accessible service, I left bags here for the day today between checking out + leaving the city. The man behind the counter was really friendly and kind. I’d reccomend anyone to leave luggage here!

Órla D

Here you can leave your luggage and be sure that nothing will go wrong. The price per bag, suitcase, etc. is 1€ per hour. The employees are excellent, polite and always ready to help.

Borna Bilic

Amazing service, the girl working here is so helpful and kind. Not only we got our luggage secured, we also got to chat with this nice and friendly young lady. Definitely recommend!!

Dominika Begáňová

The place is not only really nice to leave your lugage, so you can freely enjoy the city. It also clearly stands out when compared to any other places. Above all, a really helpful and freandly staff, shout out to Suzie - it is people like her who make traveling better. ❤️

Adriana Olejnik